Management Services

The Birch Group has the resources to offer its clients both asset management and property management services.
As the definition of each of these disciplines has become more blurred in recent years with technology affording real estate professionals more business intelligence, we remain unwavering in our position that there is distinct value in parsing out each of these fundamental services for commercial property owners.

Property Management

Engaged as a Property Manager, the Birch Group will comprehensively oversee and execute upon:
  • Timely response to tenant needs, ensuring that administrative and building technical staff resolve problems promptly.
  • Vetting of vendors, contract negotiations, and assurance that services are provided in compliance with contractual obligations and standards.
  • Performance of periodic regular property inspections.
  • Recommendation and approval of alterations, maintenance and reconditioning as necessary.
  • Coordination of tenant leasing, including move-in and move-out logistics.
  • Meticulous reporting on all operating and capital expenditures.

The Birch Group will always seek to act as Property Manager on the deals it sponsors in that we view this as a principal strategy at our disposal to gain a competitive advantage for our clients. As stake-holders in the assets, we deliver “white glove” service and attention to detail that no third-party can match. We are ready and willing to bring this know-how to external clients as well who want their property managed with the finesse that only a commercial asset veterans and owners like the Birch Group can provide.

Asset Management

When existing property management is already in place, the Birch Group can be engaged as an asset manager to:
  • Counsel investors and owners on multiple aspects such as zoning, taxes, and demographics to find ensure that these elements remain aligned with the investment goals.
  • Assist in selection of and negotiation with brokers for leasing and disposition of the property.
  • Assure maximization of investment returns by analyzing all property financial reports and accounting.
  • Formulate strategies for reducing expenditures, finding the most consistent and highest sources of revenue, and mitigating liability and risk.
  • Review vendor mix and in-force contracts, making recommendation to procure highest quality goods, services and business terms with price points consistent with property budgets.