Tuli Green

Tuli Green is the Controller at The Birch Group, where he oversees financial operations and manages accounting processes for the company’s portfolio of properties. With a unique background that combines real estate experience and financial expertise, Tuli brings a valuable perspective to his role as Controller.

Tuli started his career as a real estate agent before pursuing his education in accounting at Touro College, where he graduated cum laude. He then went on to work as a Controller at Bushburg for three years before joining The Birch Group.

At The Birch Group, Tuli is responsible for managing financial reporting and analysis, cash management, and financial operations for the company’s portfolio of properties. He works closely with the executive team to provide financial insights and analysis that inform key business decisions, and he plays a critical role in ensuring the financial health and success of the company.

Tuli’s unique background and expertise allow him to provide a valuable perspective on the intersection of real estate and finance, and he is dedicated to leveraging his skills and experience to drive value for The Birch Group’s partners, tenants, and investors.