Mission Statement

The Birch Group’s mission is rooted in the hallmark attribute of its namesake tree: Adaptivity amid harsh conditions. The scarcity of true quality commercial real estate assets available for acquisition, in the backdrop of what has become an increasingly fierce and merciless business landscape, has catalyzed the Birch Group to the call of integrity, excellence, and accountability. As opposed to buckling to the temptation of cutting corners to close a quick deal or attracting investors by short-term teaser returns, we are resolved to be unwavering in our methodical fundamental analysis and patience to attain institutional-quality assets. The interests of our investors will always be protected and at the forefront of our decision-making process. Many popular notions have flooded the business landscape recently, each promoting itself as the key to success. Like the birch tree, we stand ready to deliver on our commitment to weather countless travails and remain steadfast to our principles.

Company Overview

The Birch Group is a privately-owned real estate investment firm that specializes in the acquisition, financing, disposition, and operation of prime commercial assets across the United States.  Based out of the Hudson Valley Region in New York, the Birch Group focuses on the retail, office, and industrial sectors.

With considerable experience in real estate investment, The Birch Group excels at identifying exceptional income-generating opportunities across all asset classes that it pursues. Using their own unique value-add strategies, including in-house property management, The Birch Group guarantees outstanding returns for all financial partners with absolute transparency.

Rigorous financial, demographic, and operational reviews are essential to The Birch Group’s process, and meticulous research and due diligence on every property. Leveraging on backgrounds and training in fiscal management, they perform all fundamental analysis with the utmost scrutiny and attention to detail.

Our Team