The Birch Group takes the long view, employing a methodical approach to investment in the pursuit of institutional-quality assets that consistently outperform any market cycle.

The Birch Group is a privately held commercial real estate investor, owner, and operator.


The Birch Group Approach


We have best-in-class broker and counterparty relationships across the U.S., thanks to our consistent track record of execution. Establishing mutual respect and a focus on integrity is paramount to how we manage our relationships every day.

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We execute with confidence thanks to our principals’ deep understanding of each specific market we participate in. The real-time knowledge and market-leading information we possess provides a distinct competitive advantage in the marketplace.

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Our flexible mandate, the consistent composition of investors, and ability to be nimble gives us a distinct advantage in responding to and pursuing the most attractive investments available, particularly on off-market opportunities.

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We have a proven track record of closing through multiple cycles and severe capital market conditions, acquiring well-stabilized and extremely complicated transitional assets.

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We listen to the needs of existing and future tenants and enact tailored improvement and marketing strategies to create workplace environments that help them prosper.

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